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Life on the Suburban Fringe by S.R.Noss

5. Blood Brothers (Nov 4th)

Blood Brothers   Early Saturday morning, November 4th 1989   ‘I tell you Marty, it’s the newest, coolest, sweetest, hottest thing in Japan right now.’ He held up the chunky … Continue reading

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4. Memories (Nov 2nd – 3rd)

Memories   Thursday November 2nd to Friday November 3rd 1989   The Righteous Brothers crooned softly from two old battered speakers perched in the corner of the lounge. Someone clearly … Continue reading

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3. Escapism (nov 1st)

Feature image is courtesy of Jon Nicholls (fotologic) on Flickr – click here to see more of his work Chapter 3 – Escapism   Thursday November 2nd 1989 By morning … Continue reading

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2. Grandad and Al (the story begins)

Feature image courtesy of Bethany Bailey (Dandelion Soup) on Flickr – here is the link for more of her work Grandad and Al Wednesday November 1st 1989 It all began … Continue reading

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1. The Beginning of the End

1. The Beginning of the End Evening, Sunday December 31st 1989 The locals call this place Gods Waiting Room. It’s not a moniker formed from fondness. Rather one born of … Continue reading

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Prologue – The Letter

Feature image courtesy of f.no at flickr – click here to see more of their work Prologue: The Letter Lake Geneva, Autumn, 2052 To whom ever finds this after I … Continue reading

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Welcome all to Stu’s Blovel

…over the coming weeks and months I will be serialising my the newest draft of the novel (life on the suburban fringe) for all to read… …would love critical feedback … Continue reading

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