A Novel

Life on the Suburban Fringe by S.R.Noss

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Hello and welcome to the Life on the Suburban Fringe ‘Blovel’

It’s a novel being released for free via a blog. There are no catches, it is simply about me showing my work to as wide an audience as possible and slowly building a readership.

I will be releasing a chapter every sunday evening (8pm UK time)  for anyone to read for free, review, like, dislike, comment and feedback on. The hope is a much stronger final draft will emerge as a result and more and more people will become aware of my work (and hopefully like it!)

And don’t worry if you’ve arrived after the chapters go live, they are all there on the main page once posted. So just start on the first one and work your way through at your own pace.

Of course being free it would be wonderful if you could take five minutes to do a couple of things to help me. Please take a moment to do some (if not all) of these things as it really helps me connect with as many people as possible.

  • Email – Pop your email address in the ‘Follow this blog’ box so you will get the chapter by email every week. Your email won’t be used for anything else.
  • Star Ratings – When you read a chapter, please take a moment to click how many stars you think it should get. It helps me alot to get a quick view of what people are thinking.
  • Comments – Of course if you want to do more than that, a comment or feedback email would be wonderful. It is after all about shaping the final draft of the book, so any critical feedback is welcome. If you want to get in touch give me an email, I’d love to hear from you:  stuwrites@hotmail.co.uk
  • Twitter – Do you use twitter? If so come a follow me and I will follow you and if you love the chapters, be great if you could tell all your followers and tweet the link. I’m  http://twitter.com/#!/stu_noss
  • StumbleUpon – I love stumbleupon, its a great idea and site. I regularly will click ‘stumble’ and get to see some amazing website I never would have come across. It’s also an amazingly powerful networking tool for my site and it you use stumbleupon then please, if you like a chapter, click ‘I Like it’ . If you don’t use StumbleUpon yet, where have you been?!! You can download it from here, it only take 2 mins and puts a handy tool on your taskbar so whenever you come across something good you can click ‘I like it’ and share it with the world.
  • Other Social Media tools – You will see other forms of social media and networking tools on my site (Linked In Reddit, Addthis, FuelMyBlog and others). If you already use them, then please take 10 seconds to click and help me strengthen my links there. If you don’t then you may like to sign up, if thats your cup of tea!.
  • Lets Link ! – Of course if you are a fellow blogger, book reviewer, writer or something else just as cool, would be great to cross link with you. I’m already linked to 3 amazing sites (Adam Maxwell, The Insatiable Booksluts and Criminalties) because I love the work they are doing and want to help promote them as well. So have a look at my ‘Blogroll’ and click the links to have a look at the cool stuff others are doing!
  • Tell Everyone you know – Of course something like this ultimately relies on the most powerful social tool there is, word of mouth. So if you like what I’m doing, then it would be amazing if you could spread the word. You could tell work colleagues over coffee, email all your friends the link, post the link on your facebook wall, share the content with your local book group or anything else you think would help. And of course, I would be forever grateful for your help!

Lastly, I truly hope you enjoy the book. Its been 5 years in the making and is almost there. So feel free to read at your leisure and enjoy (even if it isn’t on nice crinkly paper!)



p.s. please respect my copyright. It is an original work and I retain full copyright to it. The characters, situations and events described are all fictional.


One comment on “Are you new here? Click me!

  1. jack595
    October 8, 2011

    You are a fine writer who deserves every success.


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